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Exchange program: Spring 2011

Being an exchange student!

At Moscow State Institute of International Relations (МGIMO), Russia

              05  The main reason why it is interesting for me to study at MGIMO is because to be able to study abroad especially in Russia, it is a very good chance to exchange and experience a new culture and improves my Russian skill. In addition, MGIMO has confirmed its place among the best in Russia in every ranking which demonstrates excellence in teaching and learning. There are a high in number of international students from more than 60 countries around the world, so MGIMO would be able to sustain a rich variety of cultural activities and this was a good chance to discuss cultural differences within international students over there.


                After studying and staying in Moscow, Russia, I have had many very great adventures and nice experiences, but also I have the impression that some improvements could be done. As we know that it is really hard to find accommodation in Moscow where is both comfortable and cheap because of the high cost of living in Moscow but it is available at MGIMO university and the people I met there were incredible welcoming and helpful with everything. The international office at the university should have plenty of thanks and be special praised for the effort they did to make our stay as pleasant and comprehensive as possible. Besides, there are very few Russians who can speak English which is hard for me to do everything in Russia but it is a great way to learn a lot more about the culture and language.

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                It is the best opportunity to have Russia as a foreign country for the exchange programme, because fellow students have spoken very highly of this country in consideration with foreign study experiences. I gained more knowledge about the Russian culture and that is why I think the exchange program can complete my desire.


Written by: Miss.Sakuntala Rattanasriampaipong


              18  MGIMO is one of the leading universities of the world, MGIMO focused on teaching and learning about international relations. MGIMO is Russia's most prestigious educational institution for young people with international interests. There are many students who want to study here, including me. When I was a junior in Russian studies program at Thammasat University, I would like to get a good chance to go to study in Russia.

                When I was an exchange student in MGIMO University during on February to June 2011, I learned and improved the Russian language, know a lot of people from many different places, enrich my knowledge and understanding of other cultures and become open-minded and get a Russian thinking culture. I did the development of my personal skills in an environment far away from home, like self management, adaptability and so on. I have had many friendships and experiences that I can’t find in my hometown. There are many differences between Thai and Russian such as language, social and cultural life. Although It was hard to get used to the weather and lifestyle in Moscow, but it is a challenge that keeps me strong and not afraid to live by myself in abroad. I appreciate the friendship of friends in college, and people whom I met. In General I get more than what I was expecting. Anyway, it was a great time to stay in Russia, because I could meet many friends, and experience various lives, and mostly, realized several aspects to learn in this country.

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               Furthermore, I would like to thank you February to June 2011 in the international officers of the MGIMO University who took a very good care and welcomes us as well. I’m glad and proud to join this program and look forward to receiving a good chance to study the master's degree at the MGIMO University again.


Written by: Miss.Teerarat Piyakulwarawat